Planting the right seeds

Life is a gift, an unlimited freedom to truly do what we love, to pursue our desires and to build our dreams into realities. That’s why it is SO important that we have the right goals in mind and that we make sure that on a daily basis, we are planting the right seeds: the seeds to our truest love, passions and dreams.

It fascinates me how, with only a little step each day towards a big goal, you can really get closer and closer to your greatest dream day after day. All it takes is that daily dedication and belief to move forward. And just like it takes a daily effort to build something that truly defines you, it can also happen that someone spends days and days pursuing something that is not truly for them. That’s why it is so important to focus on finding and planting the right seeds… The dreaming and planning phase are everything, as once the right plan is put together, with a daily effort on sticking to plan, we will simply surprise ourselves in how fast we get closer and closer to our goals. Also, since we are all so unique and all have unique dreams, there is no external guidance necessary, we simply have to ensure that we are in total sync with our core self in order to aim for the right unique destination to us.

I have not known any greater happiness than the happiness of doing what I love and to apply that passion, and plant those rightful seeds, day after day. I used to have to live in the city, in the midst of it all, to feel that I was growing in the world, but today, I could be living into the wild, or on the seaside somewhere warm and inspiring to me and it would not matter to me really! I truly am on my own clock: the only one I have, my best path towards my dreams and goals. I have so many big dreams that I would not be able to share them all with you right now, some of them I actually prefer to keep to myself at this stage of my progress, but what I can tell you is that it is SO important to not only dream, but to actually walk your dream day after day. The beauty of this simple fact is that you do not need anything or anyone to pursue your dreams. There is always one great further way for you to get closer! And most of all, the journey is so filled with surprises that it is never-endlessly enjoyable, it is an infinite journey of surprises, exploration and discoveries…

Have you made several discoveries on the way to your true passions and dreams? If you have, then you probably have been planting the right seeds to a truly fulfilled life and I admire and respect you for that. I’m sure I’d have a lot to learn from you. 🙂 I wish you to not only keep doing so, but to plan to do so all your life, there is never a day when we cannot do something to further plant the seeds that will make us fulfilled, complete and truly rich individuals inside. May we keep planting the right seeds for our life to flourish with happiness and achievements, day after day 🙂


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