“The Eye”, a poem by Nikki DuBose

Photo of Nikki DuBose by Juanjo Molina/Spain

In the misty morning
When the sun
Greets the sky
Follow your heart dearly
Straight into my eye

Sitting on the angry dirt
Is a lovers broken claim
The thorns and snares
Do come about
But no one’s left to tame

“Look at me my darling
Look into my eye
Kiss me ever so deeply
Love me until we die”

The crashing waves
Tore about
Anyone in sight
The whole earth was swallowed up
Still silence in the night

I chased for you to hell and back
Still no where to be seen
I had to go to Heaven
And be with you in our Dream

This place I call My Heart
My Home
Was washed up by the Sea
And I will search Forever More
To Bring You Back to Me.

**Written by Nikki DuBose, please do not use without my written permission.**


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