Neutrality and Allowing

I’ve been learning to apply spiritual values in my everyday life for a few years now but got stuck when trying to undersatnd what Unconditional Love means and how it can become a part of my experience. I had problems in understanding how I can suspend judgement when there were so many bad things happening in the world. It wasn’t until I came across the idea of Neutrality that I fully understood how unconditional love really worked.

When I started to apply Neutrality in my responses to the situations I found that way I was in my life changed drastically. I became UNAFFECTED emotionally and gained clarity. It generated a feeling of freedom, authenticity and safety never experinced before. So when for example I now see drama going on around me (e.g. people arguing perhaps) I don’t engage or blame or condemn anymore… I simply move into detached observer mode. I can choose my reaction: I can see people as divine beings and connect on that level or simply move away and not be part of the energetics which surround them. Either way it is my CHOICE, not my judgement. I dont see anything as good or bad anymore but just “AS IT IS”. And the bonus part of it is that I encounter much less drama now because I do not identify with it!

I haven’t perfected it yet :-). But hey, life is a journey and I am an eager student. So if you wish to try the Neutrality for yourself, read on… 🙂

1. To progress in our spiritual growth to a higher level it is essential to embrace the idea of neutrality.

2. Neutrality does not mean indifference. It is an attitude of allowing another person / situation / circumstance / object to be seen for what it is without judging it as bad or good. Instead one strives to see others as making CHOICES appropriate for them given their level of awareness.

3. Judgement of anything separates us from the Whole and is against the idea of Unity of all Life.

4. We can make a choice for ourselves : we can say “this person / idea / deed are not something I would choose to be or do but I ALLOW others to have free will to live their lives and grow through their experiences resulting from their choices.”

5. Neutrality does not kill passion. If you are passionate about something it is your choice to act on it and at the same time to ALLOW others to act on their passions. They may not always be aligned and conflicts may arise.

6. Conflict can be neutral: one can state one’s position and hear another’s. Peaceful conflict resolution honours and validates both parties in a spirit of the best outcome for all.

7. Neutrality does not kill compassion. If you see suffering, your heart will open with love pouring out to the person / animal / countries etc… It is only when one becomes attached to outcome that neutrality ends and preaching begins. Neutrality sends unconditional love.

8. The Neutrality Principle allows us to see others as strong spiritual beings who are creators of their life lessons and who can “get through” whatever they have decided to experience in their lives.

9. Neutrality honours death as transition chosen by an individual on soul level.

10. Neutrality will facilitate feeling deep feelings and emotions without them attaching to you. They will flow through. It is the ultimate idea of FREEDOM of choice put in practice.

11. Listen to the voice within if you need to take action or stay detached in any situation / interaction you find yourself in. This is easier when you are cultivating clarity of mind and peaceful centred state of being.

12. Nobody truly knows the motives / karmic contracts / situations / levels of awareness of another. Neutrality and Allowing are the next level of mastery one needs to achieve to become a truly Spiritual Human on earth.

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