Total Core Connection

Most of us that have made a commitment to spiritual growth in this cycle have been single. A commitment to ascend means we have to transcend the third dimensional way of relating. When we look at relationships in 3D (the legal requirements of marriage, the bureaucratic logistics that are created with things such as licence fees, the way the structure is controlling the marriage contract), it comes with such a density that people who are not aware of the huge influence that the mind control matrix is creating on their relationships, have to be impacted in their awareness and growth.

There IS a pathway through relationships where you understand that this person is a mirror and it gives you an opportunity to master things that annoy you and that you don’t like. But a lot of the issues stem from the reality with patriarchal domination. There is a tremendous amount of brainwashing around gender roles and expectations. And they are deeper than we think and mostly unconscious. The idea of what to expect in a relationship, what a woman is, what a man is, coloured by family relationships and by the collective imprint that is impacting the entire planet; It is based on thought-forms of polarity, of separation, so it makes coming into a true union with your genetic equal (meaning sacred union relationship) very difficult to create in a structure that doesn’t support it. Thus this generally gets in a way in someone’s spiritual growth.

Before you can enter into a union that is beyond a 2nd chakra (i.e. not based on need we have to learn unconditional love), people usually have a list of requirements of their partner: age, appearance, character, profession. When you see it this way you put conditions and expectations which entangles you in a mental manipulation game that destroys and debases both of the inherent values of the two human beings. It is quite sad because people entering into those relationships have no idea that their vision or version of love and capacity for love is destined to be destroyed in the constriction of mental body of the polarity thought-forms that would do nothing but kill the very love that was created at the beginning.

So until we become clear what ego is and until we are wiling to move beyond co-dependence and expectation and attachment in our relationships with a significant other or with the people around us, many of us are better off single and isolated in our own energy so we can learn to master our own energies first.

We can then enter real life partnership.

What we frequently encounter now are Alchemical Unions: these are soul relationships that are happening around the planet to facilitate soul growth.

A lot of people are confused because they are having these really deep and significant encounters which they expect to turn into long term relationships but which don’t last. When these relationships disintegrate within short periods of time many are left devastated: “How can I feel so loved, so connected to this human being and then have it taken away from me!”

These are alchemical relationships and are not meant to be partnerships: they are designed for transformation where aspects of soul memory from other time and spaces are drawn to you through other people who hold these frequencies that you need for your own progress. So for example: you may have issues with past pain patterns, speaking your truth and coming into clarity within your voice in your 5th chakra. You will meet a soul mate who vibrates at that exact frequency that you need so you can harmonise with him or her. So that human being appearing in your life at that time becomes a doorway to consciousness brought in a perfect synchronistic alignment. There are no accidents. These encounters are through agreement, usually with beings you’ve had experiences with in other dimensions/timelines. Such a being has shown up in this reality to exchange with you on an aspect of consciousness you need to recode yourself; Like a tuning fork! So you become Whole.

We get to practice such frequency exchanges with this other person till we integrate it into our being. This doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship: it could be a friend, a colleague, someone much younger, older etc… There usually is an immediate recognition and intense alchemical love in such meetings that is felt literary at the onset.

These are practice runs for the longer lasting partnership. We learn how much love we can allow to flow from our hearts unconditionally, without attachment, and without expectations without 2nd chakra needs and desires and dependencies (I will only do this for you if you behave in certain way). These are all polarity though forms.

Once we master unconditional love without attachment to outcome we get into a level of Total Core Connection where we don’t accommodate anyone, where there is no one on the outside that can take our truth away from us.

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