1. Wherever there is progress, there is infinite potential.

2. Waiting for perfection never brings progress, doing always does.

3. Inside, we don’t just love the world, we love the world for where we know we can take it.

4. Dissatisfaction with what we have today is the first step towards progress.

5. Progress of humanity requires leaving doors open for others to come to where we are after us.

6. In life you can either move forward or backward, progress is the habit of being conscious of it.

7. Whenever we’re on the wrong road, progress is actually making a U-turn.

8. Progress starts with change, which starts with the patience to change your mind.

9. Any progress of reason has to be unreasonable at first.

10. There is only one remedy to doubt: action.

11. Progress is not the product of chance, not a side effect of hope, but only the fruit of dedication.

12. Negativism is the voluntary obstruction of progress.

12. Progress is the art of knowing when to create, replace, simplify, improve or expand.

13. Progress is tomorrow’s confidence in today’s activity.

14. Progress is daring to go beyond where we were initially expected to.

15. There can be progress in both achievements and failed attempts, true success is in progress.

16. The best progress makes us work less eventually.

17. Discussion is not about proving right or wrong, it is about progressing together.

18. Progress comes from doing what we learnt but learning comes from progressing in what we do.

19. Progress might be talked about, sought after or dreamed about, eventually it simply has to be made real.

20. In the Middle Age, people were burnt for their ideas, a few centuries ago books were burnt for their content, and today the news is burnt for its monetary value.

21. Progress in the end should only be about one thing: an equal chance to live happy, free and on ideal standards for everyone.

22. There is no possible defeat to the pursuit of peace, because it is the reason why we’re alive.

23. The best progress grows unnoticed first, as we have to be able to change our thoughts before we change reality.

Photo courtesy of: “Never Enough”: By Giampaolo Sgura and Anna Dello Russo, Vogue Nippon, October 2010


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