Food For Thought

We see food as something we eat and digest which is used by the physical body as its ”fuel” to stay alive. We rarely see it as a ”code” which is required by our living structure to enable us to function at optimum balance. This code its the essence of its life force contained in its DNA.

Food contains living life force when we eat freshly harvested organically grown or wild plants. This life force reduces as we process the food by cooking it, by adding additives and preservatives, by freezing it and by storing it.

Food transfers and blends its life force with us through its physical matter, through its aroma and through texture. It transfers its own aura and subtle bodies to us too. We receive energy directly into our Subtle Bodies that way. Aromatherapy is based on such transfer of ”codes” into our energetic field.

Food grown with care and love carries that vibration and shares it with us when we consume it. Plants respond to their environment by producing specific nutrients to balance local energies. Food grown locally is in tune with our needs as part of a given local community. Best food is the one we gather or grow ourselves.

Meat carries heavier lower vibrational energy than plant food. It is not essential to our survival but we consume it for its protein content and taste value. An animal who is killed for food transfers its essence and feelings of fear into its body. When we eat it we accept those vibrations into our field too weather we are conscious of it or not.
Therefore an animal who is well cared for and has a happy life and is killed with least suffering is superior food energetically.

Food is not only what we put in our mouths. Food is all we are exposed to. It is sunshine, air, films we watch, objects we surround ourselves with and people we interact with. We all know of some people who are ”energetic vampires”, who feed on our attention. All such interactions mean we allow their energies to enter our aura, our energetic field that sustains us. So its good practice to notice what we expose ourselves to and CHOOSE wisely :) Media and advertisers know this and use it to their advantage.

We are consumer society which means an individual can only live by consuming another being’s life force. As we raise our vibrations and consciousness our food requirements change too. We can acquire a higher percentage of energetic input from the Sun itself, from air, from living nature, from art and ultimately from our own Soul! It is our destiny to become fully Self Sourced. Noone and nothing needs to die so we may live. The age of Oneness is upon us 😉

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