Separation versus Unity Consciousness

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Humans have perceived themselves as separate from Nature and each other for eons of time. We see ourselves largely as isolated in a vast unknown universe.

Out of separation consciousness we have created various institutions and we have given them the power and authority to determine the course of our lives.

Fortunately, in this age of awakening, many of us are hearing the call from within to stand up and step away from that which was created from a sense of separation.

The institutions are often seen as facets of a “permanent” reality. The prevailing belief is that they are necessary to keep order and maintain progress throughout the world’s cultures. If we question these institutions’ essence or foundation, we are typically met with strong resistance, if not an inquiry into our sanity!

However to progress as species and become “Homos Spiritus” we must move into unity consciousness.

The following list shows the change that will inevitably occur in some main institutions when we shift our awareness into Unity Consciousness.

1. Religion

Separation Consciousness – Man exists as a follower of a religion and its specific beliefs, commandments and rituals. A key characteristic of virtually all religions is worship, or submitting to the demands of a perceived ultimate authority figure. Sacred texts, accepted as “the voice of God,” are revered and used as a code for daily living.

Unity Consciousness – Man is a god unto himself, complete and whole in every respect. As a being of pure awareness, he is no more or no less than any other aspect of existence. He has his own authority, and he has no desire to rule over any person or domain – nor be ruled. He is directed only by the guidance emanating from own soul . There is no fear of death as he realizes that he is an eternal being.

2. Government/Law/Politics

Separation – Man establishes a hierarchical structure of government and law and selects individuals to carry out the responsibilities of various authoritative positions. While forms of government vary worldwide, all are based on the idea of the selected few speaking and acting for the many. The rule of law is enforced primarily by physical force, imprisonment or other forms of punishment. In many areas, the rule of government and law is imposed upon a citizenry with little respect for their freedom of expression.

Unity – There is no need for an authoritative government or man-made law. Man is no longer directed by the ego or intellect; instead he is aware of and manifesting from his consciousness of oneness. No one person sits in authority over another, as each person claims his responsibility as a divine being – and operates as such. As a result, a natural harmony exists among all world citizens, with little to no need for law enforcement. Through unity consciousness, networks or groups form through a natural attraction to a cause or project.

3. Economic/Banking

Separation – A belief in possession rules the day. Man learns at an early age that money is necessary for survival. Competition for jobs, profits and status ensues. The quest for money becomes the prevailing motivation for the actions of many. More is always better, and ambition creates the need for rules and regulations that attempt to prohibit taking what is not one’s lawful possession. Currently, economic concerns are experienced in every institution and beyond.

Unity – Financial systems are no longer necessary; money largely disappears . Man takes and uses only what is appropriate based on “right action” or the guidance of the soul. This inner guidance also serves to direct each capable human to his natural and joyful contribution to humanity.

4. Business/Commerce

Separation – Profit is the key to building a business .Production is driven by what the consumer desires, while desire in turn is manufactured by false or seductive advertising. Dominating the competition often becomes a theme that overshadows the pure intent and purpose of the business.

Unity – Every business becomes a sustainable creative entity with economics no longer a factor. Rather than focusing on profits and losses, the focus shifts to creativity ,sharing and fulfilment of the workgroup.

5. Military

Separation – Weapons and weapon systems are built and employed by countries and organizations for the means of protection from and aggression against perceived threats. The separation consciousness of man creates the polarities of friend/enemy, good/evil and right/wrong, then acts on them accordingly, often with lethal force. Politicians, military leaders and soldiers strongly identify with belief systems that serve as an impetus to violent action.

Unity – With polarity dissolved into oneness, man sees all of existence as an extension of himself. Thus, any action taken against another is taken against himself. Fear dissipates into love, and, subsequently, the need for military force disappears. Others are not viewed for their labels and identifications, rather for their nature as a divine being. Threats, aggression, violence and crime are history.

6. Education

Separation – Education serves primarily to train and expand the intellect and indoctrinate into the ways of a culture. Students are subjected to tests and grades in homogenized curriculum. A primary focus of education systems is to indoctrinate students for jobs and careers.

Unity – The purpose of education shifts to bringing out that which is already within the student. Students are encouraged to connect with their inner selves and find their unique expressions and manifestations. Students become aware of their purpose for incarnating on the planet and are prepared as needed for the fulfilment of such purpose. Each individual is honored and respected for his unique path of self-realization.

7. Medicine

Separation – Healing is largely administered by doctors and health officials who are often ignorant of the interconnection of spirit, mind and body. Instead, the body is treated as a machine, apart from the forces of the mind and the spirit. As a result, treatments are administered through the use of drugs or the latest technology. Large numbers of human beings suffer maladies on a regular basis, with health care becoming a major expense.

Unity – Generally, man exists in a state of harmony with respect to spirit/mind/body. However, if dis-ease occurs, the healing approach is holistic, identifying the underlying cause of the illness. Healing is achieved by purposeful introspection. Medical cases are rare and Self-healing becomes the norm.

8. Media/Entertainment

Separation – Many news outlets subscribe to a fear-based approach, focusing on death, poverty, crime, unemployment and so on. Virtually all popular entertainment forms, whether movies, sports or music, are based on strong identification and separation consciousness themes. A primary focus of media and entertainment has become financial gain, with a massive worldwide audience participating as consumers and spectators.

Unity – The approach to media and entertainment is toward expressions that uplift, inspire and awaken. Cooperation is preferred to competition. Human beings express for the sake of expressing and naturally share their talents and gifts with others.

We have a choice : we can continue to “tweak” the current systems , or we can forge ahead into a “new world”.

Each of us can start building the Unity Consciousness now through lifting our own awareness and focusing on self sovereignty and self realisation.

In unity consciousness we shall live in a divine state as beings of freedom, truth, harmony, peace, wisdom and abundance. As we take back the power that we have given away to others, we reclaim our authentic nature as divine beings.

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