Emotions are Energies-in motion. They are the power behind ideas and intents. When we experience joy and bliss, our consciousness is connected to source that we are. We are “in the flow” of E-motion. 🙂

When we find ourselves in negative states its a sign of a disconnection. Our energies do not flow and the natural state of joy is suppressed. This resistance to life is called depression.

Natural state of emotions is movement and flow. When they are not expressed, emotions end up being “stored” in our energy field and our physical body. Our bodies fall into the state of dis-ease. They do not receive the required nourishment of energy flowing through the subtle energy matrixes that are called chakras.

Emotions are our perfect navigation system informing us what is in resonance with our soul path. If we listen to subtle changes in our feeling states we can become masters of our authenticity by following those actions and associations that make us feel good.

Pain is an emotion stored and not expressed. Once we allow ourselves to fully feel it, to fully immerse ourselves in pain we can reach a point where the underlying emotion can flow again and leave our field when we have no more need to feel it.

Emotions keep us present in the Now moment. Although we can feel stored emotions relating to the past or feel excitement of the future we can only feel them in the NOW.

Oftentimes we relegate the value of emotions to reason. Reason is a construct of the mind which can only create from patterns already experienced. Its our “hardware”. Emotions on the other hand are our connection with Higher Self (the higher expression of our being or soul). We can employ reason once we follow our emotional guiding to navigate our lives and make appropriate choices for us.

When we focus our minds on projects and ideas and are in our creative flow it is the emotions we feel that power those ideas forward. They accelerate the creations we wish to achieve and bring them to us.

Lets celebrate and embrace our Emotions, LOVE being the strongest one! 🙂

Picture: Li River, China


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