Ewa’s Testimonial: Experience

This is a contributor post by Ewa

When we live our lives we experience events and happenings which are supposed to teach us the consequences of our actions. We tend to think in terms of events having a cause and effect, for example we learn that when we put our hand in the fire we get burned so we wont do that again.

This way we tend to build up a personal library of cause and effect scenarios on which we then rely to live our life by as a set of personal rules. We usually call this experience and see it as a sign of maturity.

But this process shuts down our openness to Life ! We stop doing things that in the past has caused us pain, that produced negative outcomes etc. We become cautious and we loose Faith in our abilities to handle things differently next time. Next time the fire may not burn our hand!. It may be a chemical ”cold” fire ! … Next time we may have different skills to handle the situation better and change the outcome. Life is a constant flow and it is never the same. Change is the only constant there is!

It is sad to see many people going through life cutting off their sense of spontaneity with being over-cautious. Basing all their responses on logic alone. This happens to so many people who stop living before they experienced life fully.

When we base our actions and choices constantly referring to the past we stop expanding and growing. Our bodies follow our mindset and gradually begin to atrophy and die. It is the constant state of openness of the heart to the New Experience of unfolding Self that makes us vibrant and Alive….. Immortal even!

This is what I call EXPERIENCE. It is in the NOW.

Photo: Seattle Space Needle and Experience Music Project


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