The Hero’s Journey

This is a contributor post by Javier Liendo

In all Mythologies, there are Heroes, Champions of Free Will, human beings who elevate themselves from the meek sufferings of the world and dedicate their strength, their power and their skills to the betterment of said world.

But a Hero is not so from the start. A Hero is made, forged through trial and mistake. A Hero is compelled to leave Eden, the proverbial safety of their homeland and people, out of need for learning. The Hero’s Journey begins when they set out to foreign lands, beginning a trip which faces them with their fears, their ignorance and their necessity for truth. The Hero is enlightened by their experiences, and the trip has brought revelations of all kinds.

But the Hero is not yet done. The Journey meets its final purpose and stage, when the Hero, weary and in need of comfort, begins the return home, where they not only can rest, but also bring their enlightenment and wisdom to those they left behind, so that, maybe, the tales of their travels and knowledge might ignite other souls with the fire that seeks the air of understanding.


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