Life of a Soul

This is a contributor post by Ewa

1. A soul exists on many dimensional levels and its life is not limited to a life expressed through a single physical body.

2. There is never a moment when our entire soul is fully intact inside the body as part of who we are. We always exist as ourselves and as lots of other things simultaneously.

3. Some parts of our soul are walking around other parts of the planet right now as angels or as spirit guides for other people. Parts of our soul drift off and go to connect with worldwide events or to connect with and be of service to other parts of the world or universe. Other parts express themselves through inhabiting lifetimes which we see as Past or Future. All these expressions exist in the unfolding Now Moment.

4. When a soul has entered the body of an embryo or a fetus, the energy of the soul who will inhabit that human life, has committed itself to that human life and it shows up as a form of vibration in the cells that compose this body.

5. Nearly every soul has committed itself to its human lifetime before conception even occurs.

6. Some souls agree to enter the body when its previous soul departs. It is usually after a near death experience, an accident or a severe illness. This is called a Walk-In experience. It can be evidenced by sudden change in habits and tastes, relationship breakdowns and embarking on a new profession, change of residence etc.

7. Any human being who wishes to live a full human lifetime, chooses to be conceived within a mother whose sole intention and soul plan and soul path will lead her to full gestation and childbirth.

8. Souls make agreements with each other and line up experiences so they match. If there is a person or a family who will benefit by going through a miscarriage, who has something to learn, something to resolve or something to open up to through the experience of miscarriage, then a soul who wants to experience what it is like to be miscarried will align itself with that embryo so that it can go through miscarriage.

9. Souls are constantly in contact with everyone in our life at higher level deciding where everyone is going, what everyone is planning to do and how your needs will line up with the plans of those souls around us.

10. There are also souls who have karmic reasons to be miscarried or aborted. Some need to come into embodiment to resolve some karma and the experience of going through a miscarriage or abortion will bring the soul back into balance. Some souls offer that as a gift for the family who needs to experience miscarriage or abortion to become balanced.

11. Some people’s souls, choose to inhabit a fetus that will be aborted or miscarried because they want to have an interesting experience of having a third-dimensional body. This is a quick and easy way to be embodied and to experience physicality without having to go through an entire human lifetime.

12. Human life is not a one shot opportunity. My belief for example is that most of us have done it hundreds, or even thousands, of times “before“ and “after“. Ultimately, as with everything, our souls know what they are doing, they choose their experiences and choreograph themselves with everyone around them.

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