How Relationships Build Our World

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1. When different beings interact with each other they are said to be in a relationship. These beings can be inanimate objects, animals, people etc.

2. Relationship defines the meeting and blending of different energetic frequencies. Just like ripples made by stones in a lake meet and converge and create a 3rd wave made of the 2 original ones.

3. We say a house is in a reltionship to the road: it is next to it. Thus the house is defined by its relationship to the road. A person is in a relationship to the chair : they are sitting on it etc.

4. Relationships betwen people are complex and are a function of awareness.”Others” mirror to us who we are.

5. We relate to those with whom we have frequency resonance. If we are on ”different wavelength” we don’t notice them.

6. Relationships can be a conscious one where we are focused on another person and experience them as ourselves. Or they can be unconscious ones where another person acts out those parts of us we are blind to. We see those encounters as ”bad” or ”random” but universe is orderly and it matches frequencies.

7. Our souls orchestrate those encounters and long term associations to show us our shadow part so that we can examine it and shine the light of conscious understanding onto it. Ultimately so we can let go of that part or transmute it to love that we are.

8. When 2 people meet and recognise each other instantly they usually do so because they feel strong soul resonance . Each reflects the inner joy of each other. This way the joy is Energized and amplified. This is a true purpose of relating, to create this 3rd force which is bigger then its parts.

9. A couple ”in love” connects each of their chakras and big aural field is created which lights up everyone who comes into contact. They create a field where masculine and feminine energies are at balance.

10. This process of blending of our energies with everyone we encounter gives us an opportunity to create expanded field when we truly focus on them and see their inner divinity. We make eye contact and even the most mundane meeting: in a shop, on a train etc has the potential of creation of expanded love field.

11. When we focus on someone’s talents and positive qualities we Energize them! We therefore elicit those positive qualities and the person will display more of them when relating to us. Likewise if we focus on their perceived faults we will elicit such behavior from them. Critisism is never ”constructive”.

12. Our aura, or energy field encapsulating our physical body is emanating the truth of us to the world . If we encounter individuals not harmonious with us our usual reaction is field withdrawal and setting a boundary wall to keep those unwelcome energies out.

13. Recently the Veil between the frequencies has gotten thinner due to the beginning of return to state of Unity. Such boundaries are difficult to set now. We are learning the art of blending more and more. If we emanate love and kindness such ”sandpaper” individuals will not appear in our world due to the law of attraction where attracts like.

14. Ultimately , our most important Relationship is with ourselves. Our mission here is learn to truly love and accept ourselves just as we are.
To see all imagined ”faults” as parts of us crying out to be noticed and loved and let go if necessary as not serving us in our mission here.

15. Self Love means to learn to trust ourselves, to value ourselves, be kind to ourselves, to focus on our best talents and successes and not listen to our “Inner Critic” doubting our greatness. We don’t need to be ”better” then anyone else to be worthy of Self Love and respect. Loving self does not mean being selfish, aggressive and disrespectful to others. it means being Self-Full. It means standing in our authenticity and truth and knowing we are OK! Self Love creates a vibrational field around us that protects us from the harsh energies and attracts to us positive people and events. It flows out to the world and comes back to us! We can only love ”another” to the extent we love ourselves.

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