The Ascension Process

This is a contributor post by Ewa.

1. Ascension is a change in the focus of consciousness to higher vibratory states. It is a natural, on-going evolutionary process of all Creation. As eternal, spiritual beings we expand through experience.

2. Everything consists of vibrations – including our body and the Earth we live on. As an example consider water: the only differences between ice, water and steam are their various vibrational rates – the speeds at which the electrons orbit the nucleus of each atom. Water at a higher vibration is vapour and its density is very low. It becomes invisible to our senses but it is still water.

3. When we choose to incarnate on Earth plane we experience the dense physical third dimension. Earth itself is in the process of elevating in vibration in order to attain the state of a star.

4. Our mission here is to master this most difficult of dimensions with unconditional love that we are at Soul level and to express it here.

5. This choice greatly accelerates our spiritual evolution. Once here most of us “fall asleep” in matter. We get so immersed in materiality that we see it as our only reality. We forget that we come into incarnation in order to return our focus of awareness to the spiritual realm with added wisdom and experience. This is ascension.

6. All life is ascending :plants, rocks, animals, each in its own individual way. The Earth, as a living being, is also ascending. It is happening according to the Divine Plan whether we know about it or not.

7. In past ages, ascension occurred after the death of the physical body. When souls decided to plunge totally into the dense realm of matter, they found they needed many human bodies to spiritualise physical form because progress of expansion of consciousness was slow.

8. With every decrease in vibration/dimension, humanity lost more and more consciousness (and lifespan) until they forgot who they were, and why they were here. They forgot that they were part of a greater whole. We have existed in a ’loop’ pattern for thousands of years thinking we are the most important species in the universe – the pinnacle of evolution.

9. The same patterns were being played out over and over again, generating wars, drama, disease and karma. We have lost our ability to regenerate and repair our bodies so we just get old and die.

10. The vibratory rate of all matter has quickened considerably lately and it is now possible for people to ascend with the physical body, no longer needing to leave it behind. This change known as the Awakening or the Shift.

11. The energy is now available for those who want to ascend to do so. The vibratory emissions from central sun of the galaxy Alcyone (All-see-one) are changing the very structure of our DNA into a crystalline form. What we call junk DNA are switched off parts of our blueprint which are multidimensional in nature and not used because our consciousness is too limited yet. These are getting activated facilitating the body to be a living receptacle of Light. We are thus creating our Light Bodies.

12. Thses energetic downloads can be felt in our physical bodies as headaches, pains, and tiredness. It is good to take time to rest when we need to so that we can integrate these energies into our biology. Our auras are expanding and new chakras are being build.

11.Every time we integrate more Light into our cells we let go of all what Light is Not. Old patterns , reactions , fears and memories come up to our conscious awareness to be dissolved and let go.

13. We can help ourselves to ascend by living in the Now by expressing Love, acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness and detachment in our every day life. By viewing life from our Soul’s perspective.

14. The new life awaiting us is of constant beauty, self healing, creativity, teleportation, immortality and love on pristine Earth , in a body. Its not a dream anymore: it is available to all who set their intent to be on this path and to achieve it within a relatively short timeframe.
See you all in the 5th Dimension!

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