Passion in 24 Short Thoughts

I wrote these thinking of the people who might not understand why some women and men work much harder than average, seemingly nowhere in appearance but inside, to somewhere outstanding in their heart. We should never be blamed for devoting ourselves to our true, core and most stimulating self. – OB. 😉

1. Of all the things you do, what you did with passion is what people will remember.

2. Passion starts with being true to what you do and ends with it being true to what you are.

3. Until you discover your own passions for life, you are living someone else’s.

4. Passion is like dancing on the music everyone hears but only few truly listen.

5. Passion is where you put your heart first, as you rose today.

6. Living every minute with passion is possible, it is living from our own sustainable energy.

7. Mastery in any art always starts with technique and but can only end with passion.

8. For all the things we set ourselves to live for, greatness comes from knowing that other people once died for them.

9. With passion and vision, the means always come, and without, never.

10. Some passions, like the passion for learning, are actually another way of defining wisdom.

11. Passion is like the passion in love, there would be nothing without it.

12. Thinking with passion is loving what you’re going to say, before you say it.

13. Resisting our passions is accepting their weaknesses.

14. All passions start in the dark side of us, where we are unsure yet.

15. Without facing our passions, there is no living them.

16. Whatever does not exist is simply something we have not desired enough yet.

17. The world always offers two choices: passion or an image of passion.

18. We achieve more for a passion than we do simply for a goal.

19. Passion is like our capital, we can choose to work towards building it.

20. Passion is always where our greatest potential is.

21. We can never think too much if we are truly passionate.

22. Dance the game of life, but learn to appreciate the music first.

23. There is no true listening, doing or creating, without genuine passion for it.

24. Passion is where duty and pleasure meet.

24bis. When creating with passion, we create both the fruit of our work and its impact.

Photo courtesy of: “Spanish Revival”: Jessica Stam for Harper’s Bazaar, August 2010


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