A Meditation Guide

This is a contributor post by Ewa.

1. Mediation is a practice of listening within to the inner voice of our Soul.

2. Praying is consciously addressing our Soul.

3. To meditate we have to learn how to quiet the chatter of our mind. It helps to focus on our bodies and how they feel. Focusing on our breathing is the easiest way to achieve stillness of the mind.

4. To start meditation it’s good to find a place which is relatively quiet and where we know we are unlikely to be disturbed for the next 15-20 minutes. Background music can be added but it is not essential.

5. The physical position needs to be a comfortable one, you can sit on a chair, on the floor, or lie down if preferred. It is desirable to be grounded: to feel the earth with your bare feet is ideal but otherwise it’s good to simply sit barefooted: rubber soles of the shoes prevent us connecting with earth.

6. Finding a comfortable position may take some time as we want to make sure we can remain like so for several minutes totally relaxed.

7. Once we settle into a still position we can close our eyes. Simply stay like so and observe what thoughts, sensations, feelings pass through us. We don’t need to do anything except to acknowledge their existence. If we feel discomfort physically, we can adjust our position at this point.

8. We can start by taking a few slow deep breaths and feeling how air fills our lungs and how the chest and abdomen rise and fall. Feel the shoulders drop in relaxed way at each out breath.

9. Observe the points of stillness between each breath. Just stay in them.

10. Once we have taken deep breaths we can revert to normal rhythm where breathing is automatic.

11. Our mind may still be ”noisy” at this point and we may hear sounds outside distracting us. Just stay with it .

12. At this point mentally state your intention, it can be a simple: I am now listening to the message of my Soul or you may state any request or question you wish to get an answer to. Imagine a beam of golden / white light going through the top of your head right through you into the earth.

13. Once you set the intent detach mentally from it. Let it go. Forget it. Your answers will come as sudden flashes of knowingness, as colours, visions or sounds. They may not come immediately. The object of meditation is to steady the mind and get ourselves into the higher vibratory RECEPTIVE state.

14. You will know you have achieved a still point when your awareness becomes almost still, as though not connected to your body anymore. You will be fully conscious but not sure exactly WHERE you are. Being spaced out ;) You may not be aware of time passing. But you may then experience feelings and thoughts which come in almost by themselves.

15. You will naturally find a point when you will want to return to your body. Once your eyes are open stay still for few moments longer. Feel the stillness around and within you. It will feel as though you are rooted to the spot for awhile. Feel the peace and calmness around you 🙂

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