1. Only weapons of mass CONSTRUCTION can build peace and positive empires.

2. One proverb can do more than an entire book if it is well-charged.

3. Intelligence is found the most in exploded systems, where there are no more boundaries to our forward thinking.

4. A dream repeated over and over again will implode into our heart and explode into our reality.

5. The best memories are the ones that explode inside us at the sight, smell or sound of a new discovery.

6. Finding a genius idea is a matter of maintaining the flame lit long enough for it to explode into one.

7. Acting with passion is a process of words exploded into action.

8. Love and passion are explosive forces which create a way where there was no way.

9. When you have seen war, you have seen madness outside the mind.

10. Every feeling starts with a little flame and ends with an explosion, learn to keep in only the best ones.

11. Explosion is sometimes a matter of delicacy: let the air explode into every breath, let the taste of food explode into every bite, let the love explode into every moment.

12. One can either be conventional, mad or creatively explosive.

13. Doing the extraordinary is a matter of going beyond the comfort of slow ordinary things to let great things explode into us.

14. Nothing beats the balance between moments of explosive success with moments of body relieving stillness.

15. Dreams always are a form of escape from stereotypes.

16. Nothing could be better for the world today than an explosion of love and happiness.

17. A good thought can explode faster than a full theory because it is instantaneously applicable.

18. Any explosion beyond reason is an explosion which should have been stopped at the first twinge of its original idea.

19. Learning to appreciate entire explosions of good is the full receptivity of the infinite value of the world.

20. Ironically, it requires a lot of patience in the moment to stand through the speed of an explosive idea.

21. Anything we have been seeking will end up exploding inside us once we find it.

22. At the origin of all, when nothing exploded, everything was created. Today when everything explodes, nothing is created. Mastering positive explosion is our reason to exist.


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