1. Intelligence is awareness of the world around us, strength is its mastership.

2. Love is the wings of strength.

3. Without the fight of our demons, there is no singing of our angels.

4. Strength increases from revealing our spirit and weakens from concealing it.

5. Strength is the process of mastering our fears so well that they cannot weaken us anymore.

6. Strength is the only friend you need when everyone else has told you to give up.

7. Strength is an anticipation of the love we will receive. Courage is an estimation of the love we can give.

8. Strength is our ability to think with our heart and to act with the power that comes from it.

9. Strength is the power to choose what is right.

10. Strength is a spiritual vitality which brings an abundance of mental stability and physical tenacity.

11. At times strength comes from holding on, at others it comes from letting go.

12. Have the right determination, and your strength will take you to it.

13. Strength is the gift we were offered to conquer the path we were chosen to lead.

14. Strength is desiring success hard enough to be seeking it.

15. Confidence comes from achieving our goals but strength comes from getting on their path.

16. Standing alone for our dreams is optimal strength.

17. Strength beyond our will rises us beyond our dreams.

18. Happiness starts whenever we start seeking others’ joy.

19. Our strengths and weaknesses are the same capacities: one grows out of the other while we just direct the way.

20. Strength is merely embracing talents we already have.

21. The deeper you learn to stand inside yourself, the stronger it makes you.

22. Once we gain the victory over self, the world becomes a blessing.

23. Strength is only a means to one end: unbreakable perseverance.

Photo courtesy of: “The Great Illusion”: Lara Stone by Paolo Roversi


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