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1. Energy is another name for particles of Love in undifferentiated form.

2. Energy flows in a constant waveform from Central Creator Source.

3. This constant flow flows through everything in the Universe.

4. When Energy is organised in a specific pattern it creates form. We perceive form as solid matter, as liquid, as gas, as living flora and fauna and as humans.

5. We are made up entirely out of Energy. We appear solid because the rate of vibration of our Energy waves is relatively slow. Feelings and thoughts are made of Energy also. They too have form which can be felt and sensed but cant be seen by our physical senses.

6. Music is Energy organised in a specific pattern: it can be aligned with our own energetic pattern and it can feed us.

7. When we are totally aligned with Universal Energy Flow we are energized.

8. To be aligned means to be in touch with the inner passion and inner whispers of the Soul on daily basis and to choose only those thoughts, feelings and activities which bring us Joy.

9. When we are  “in the flow” we can literally soar! We seem to have more time and more Energy then ever to accomplish what we set out to do and be.

10. If we try to struggle and push ourselves in a regimented way it feels as though we are sailing upstream. We get tired and disheartened.

11. We are capable of being totally Self Sourced by receiving all our Energy from within: from Source only. We are not yet evolved enough to be so totally self sufficient. Most of us still rely on consumptive model of obtaining their Energy from outside sources: we eat, we drink, and some of us also steal energy by literally draining other people.

12. We can leak Energy from our auric field through holding on to past traumas, through harsh judgement of self and others, and through having negative thoughts and beliefs. It is our duty to be in charge of our own Energy and express it in an authentic and true to self way. Setting own boundaries prevents others from taking our energy without permission.

13. Recent quickening of the vibratory rate of the Energy being beamed to us from Source is allowing us to reach higher states of being on consistent basis in our everyday lives. We are becoming less dense and our cells are transforming to crystalline pattern to hold more Light Energy. This universal process is called ASCENSION where we can absorb and integrate higher and higher frequencies of Love Energy into our lives and become enlightened beings – Homos Spiritus – THE ENERGIZED HUMAN.

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