1. Being true to yourself is the art of only doing the things you can truly put your heart in.

2. Belief is the difference behind the impossible and the possible.

3. Belief is how we can start approaching the incredible.

4. We are nothing but the fruits of yesterday’s belief and the germs of tomorrow’s hope.

5. Believe in your reasons to, not others’.

6. Belief is walking with the ignorance of failure and the eloquence of success.

7. Without the irony of playing the game, there is no eligibility to seriously win it.

8. Belief requires no proof but disbelief ignores all.

9. The biggest barrier to what you want is your belief you can’t have it.

10. True love is already inside us, loving is learning to use it.

11. Our spirits are always home, we are the ones who run away.

12. Any talent starts with the talent to believe.

13. One life is one great chance to believe in it.

14. It is better to risk losing it all for belief than it is to miss winning it all for relief.

15. Wise belief is the belief that there isn’t only one truth in the world.

16. Living with belief is the cure to living in doubt.

17. Success is the fruit of hard work and miracles are the fruits of belief.

18. Faith is belief put into action.

19. Being an artist is knowing how difficult it is to be truthful.

20. Life is a quest from emptiness and loneliness to success and happiness, in any order.

21. Imagination speaks a thousand minds.

22. Belief is disbelief of the circumstances.

23. Inspiration is the marriage of our feelings and beliefs.

24. Belief might come without understanding, all understanding comes through belief.

Photo courtesy of: “Néo Belphégor”: Freja Beha Erichsen for Vogue Paris, September 2010


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