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1. Time as we perceive it is an illusion. It can be measured but has no absolute value.

2. It only exists as a function of space in the 3 dimensional reality. When we dream we enter higher dimensional frequencies and we cease to experience time.

3. Time is not linear, it is only our minds that create an illusion of straight timeline with past present and future. In reality we only experience an eternal NOW moment.

4. Our minds store experiences in a sequential manner .We remember ”past” events and we project energy as concepts , wishes, vision and we see those as our ”future”.

5. We can only experience a series of NOW moments and our perception of them varies depending how deeply engaged and involved we are in the unfolding reality. If we are fully present our experience of TIME ceases to exist. We enter a ”NO TIME” zone.

6. Living in ”NO -TIME” facilitates immortality. We can become ageless and eternal because our personal experience of time ceases to exist.

7. We can increase those moments of ”NO TIME” by focusing deeply on the NOW.

8. We can stretch time by entering into heightened states of awareness through meditation, yoga, sport, or any activity which totally absorbs and inspires us.
We loose our awareness of time passing.

9. In the last few years our experience of time has began to change : we now experience it as much faster. This is a result of the quickening of vibrational frequencies in the Galaxy and Solar system in particular in the run up to the Zero Point on 12.12.2012.

10. By taking ourselves regularly ”OUT-OF-TIME” we shall see ourselves experiencing inner stillness, harmony and peace whilst the world around will be seen as spinning faster and faster.

11. Ultimately we are destined to experience higher dimensional frequencies whilst still living in the 3rd dimensional body here on Earth and become eternal embodied expressions of our Souls. TIME will then cease to exist as we know it. We shall experience the eternal NOW.

12. We create several timelines through mind projections in the NOW. These timelines are real and we can Energize them so that they progress from potentialities to probabilities to certainties. This is why it is important to support positive outcomes to all.

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