Nature of Reality

This is a contributor post by Ewa.

1. Each of us creates their own REALITY.

2. When the visions or reality coincide they become ”Consensus Reality” where a group agrees on the way ”things are”. E.g.: humans can’t fly, birds can, or we cannot walk through solid objects.

3. We can create our individual REALITY based on historical data, on experience, and by acceptance of “consensus reality” as our own. This way we become highly susceptible to the “outside” input by the society at large: by the media, by our family and friends, by institutions setting themselves up as “experts”.

4. If we are not aware of the process we give our power to create our REALITY away and all our creations revert to default ones. We create from the unconscious mind. We then experience things happening TO US.

5. When we acknowledge we have absolute power to create all of our REALITY we become conscious Master Manifestors.The power reverts to where it rightly belongs, to us. This way we we can choose what we wish to experience by directing our thoughts and focus to the ideas, feelings and scenarios we wish to create for ourselves.

6. We can only create in the Present Moment. The process of being present with our thoughts charges our auric field to include the energetic architecture of the new ideas.

7. We are spiritual beings having a human experience in duality on Earth. Our energy field extends beyond physical form and it is magnetic. It is capable of drawing to us people, situations, and objects which vibrate at matching vibratory rates to deliver to us the desired REALITY we created.

8. The so called coincidences and people entering our lives are ”cooperative components” where there is a crossover from the realities being created by “others” through resonance.

9. By accepting our creations as our own we pave the way to easy manifesting on a daily basis.

10. Part of our creations stem from our fears and our subconscious self. If we increase our awareness and keep our thoughts on joy and kindness we improve the quality of our creations.

11. We may still feel somewhat helpless with unconscious creations but we can choose our reactions to those creations. We can acknowledge all feelings coming up and choose to let them go . We can choose to be fully present and be fascinated by the experience we have found ourselves in. This way we keep our power and stay present and focused in the Now.

12. There is no limit to what we can create in our REALITY except the limit we impose on ourselves.

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