Unbreakable Unity

1. Standing without uniting is dividing.

2. Unity is human light: it illuminates anyone who encounters it.

3. Unity that doesn’t stand the stretches of time is hidden division.

4. Uniting is always a process of fixing natural differences.

5. Maturity is being real alone, unity is being real together.

6. Unity must pass only one test to subsist: the test of time.

7. One person might win the game, another might not, but they can both gain unity.

8. Unity starts inside our minds and ends in everyone’s.

9. Where there is no unity, there is only scarcity of good deeds.

10. Unity is the soil that makes the weeds of our dreams grow higher than they ever could alone.

11. Nations might unite their citizens, but there is nothing more important than the natural unity of our universe.

12. Unity is the wisdom to accept that we are all equal in spite of all distances, circumstances or differences.

13. Until there is peace and until there is equal opportunity for everyone, there is a need for unity in the world.

14. If everyone’s goal was only to seek unity with all people, we would fight at once all misery, war and atrocities.

15. A branch that becomes too long on its own dies off, only a branch which grounds itself from the tree-trunk grows tall, because it grows in harmony with its origins.

16. Unity is the will to become a good weed in the diversity of choices our nature offers.

17. Diversity is the blessing of life, generosity is its gift and unity is its potential.

18. If you just dream, you are a romantic, if you just wish you are a hopeful, but if you act you are a creator of unity.

19. Supporting the wrong cause is not unity, it is a grouped escape from it.

20. We reached our freedom through unity and we stay united thanks to our freedom.

21. Respecting the man who fights for unity, be it at the opposite side of the world, is already unity.

22. Unity is the mastery of both love and respect.

23. Maturity is the consistency of our actions towards ourselves, unity is the maturity of our actions towards others.

24. Unity starts with idealistic progress and ends with realistic peace.

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