The Practice Magic

1. A truly inspiring performance comes from the practice of a lifetime.

2. Daily practice is the only secret to full mastery.

3. Practicing is winning, in advance.

4. Practice is pro-active success.

5. How much time you put into your practice is not that important compared to how much heart you put into any of it.

6. Practice is the best mentor you could ever have.

7. Everything can be achieved through practice, especially kindness and generosity.

8. With practice, everything simply becomes truly possible.

9. With practice, anything can be made into the most beautiful thing on earth.

10. True practice is performing as you would for a million people, but with no one around.

11. Practice is repetition of a performance until it is not practice anymore, but an inspiring display of the magic of human nature.

12. Practice is like exploration: overcoming all obstacles to find yourself along the way, somewhere you didn’t even know could exist.

13. We learn by practice, so we can only discover our success and never fully predict it.

14. Practice is the exploration of our own excellence, one discovery at a time.

15. Life is the practice of loving, over and over again.

16. Living is a form of art that can only be mastered through the practice of virtues.

17. A talent is a gift made to us that we can only benefit from through practice.

18. Practicing is the art of transforming your greatest weaknesses into what you do best.

19. Practice excitement to practice and you will earn the greatest possible focus.

20. Practice your imperfections and you might not reach perfection, but you will reach excellence.

21. Preserving the environment is more than an individual achievement, it is our civilisation’s practice of being self sustainable.

22. Practice only makes perfect with confidence in perfection.

23. Practice is the preaching of our own body through doing.

24. Practice is the quest of our own best performance.

Picture credit: Matisse: Radical Invention at the Museum of Modern Art through October 11th


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