Principles of Kindness

Although most of us agree that the principle of kindness is a good thing, the actual living quality is often under appreciated in life. We have all bumped into a boss, colleague or even a member of the public who is remarkably unkind, or at least thoughtless. It is interesting that Aldous Huxley, the formidably intelligent British novelist wrote towards the end of his life, “It is a bit embarrassing to have been concerned with the human problem all one’s life and find at the end that one has no more to offer by way of advice than ‘try to be a little kinder’.”

The good thing about this lesson is that it is remarkably uncomplicated. We don’t have to be particularly brilliant or excel in any field to give our brothers and sisters a break. Of course kindness is easier to display in some areas of life – we’re going to find it hard to show kindness when we’re playing partypoker or competing in a sport – however, we all know when kindness is called for and will feel better for it. Kindness is where it’s at, as the Dalai Lama said “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” Dig it!

1. Love is loving the differences more than the similarities.

2. Knowing one person has lived better because you were there is true success.

3. Kindness is the only opportunity every moment gives you.

4. Letting people come to you to leave better and happier probably is the worthiest goal of all existence, and of all activity.

5. Kindness is the only true universal language.

6. Being kind to a close friend or to a complete stranger is still being kind.

7. Unkind people might not have kindness, they need it the most.

8. Forget hate and injuries, but never forget love and kindness.

9. Kindness does not develop itself in weak submissions to others but in strong resolutions to be there for them.

10. A kind word seems nothing before it is stated, comes as a relief when spoken and becomes everything when shared.

11. Kindness is not a resolution of our brain, it is an art of our heart.

12. Kindness is a will to grow beyond all differences.

13. Good feelings cannot stagnate, they can only grow.

14. Being kind to those who are there is a nice gesture, being kind to those who aren’t even more so.

15. The cost of a kind gesture to you multiplies its effect on others.

16. Kindness is one of the things which can always be given in excess.

17. Kindness is maturity of the heart.

18. Success without kindness is excess.

19. Lose kindness and you will lose people.

20. Kindness is always guaranteed to be two things: appealing and infectious.

21. Kindness is energy from the heart.

22. Kindness is our heart’s culture.

23. Kindness is possible even against our own will.

24. Kindness is like wisdom, it can never be wrong.

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