The Creative Habit

1. People wait for inspiration to create, but they should use their talent and goodwill to create in order to find inspiration.

2. Creativity is the only difference between leading and following.

3. The solution always requires more thinking than the problem.

4. Imagination is the menu of creativity’s will.

5. Only through freedom can our true self come out.

6. In order to be creative, one has to be critical.

7. Nothing great can be created by chance.

8. Art is specifically organized, highly elegant and truly original creativity.

9. Creativity is the raw courage of soul.

10. The creative person is both more instinctive and more literate than the average person.

11. A teaching that makes you inventive is education, a teaching that doesn’t is brain washing.

12. Making what is simple more complicated is accessible to all, making what is complicated simpler is exceptional art.

13. Everything in the universe begins in darkness and has the potential to end in complete enlightenment.

14. There is no creativity without trust in our own instincts.

15. Creativity comes easiest when not thinking and just doing.

16. Every act of creation is an act of freedom.

17. Creativity is analyzing what others ignore.

18. Style is looking different, creativity is looking differently.

19. The best creativity happens when we look at what everyone’s looking in our own unique way.

20. Beauty is the perfect diversity in a look, creativity is the perfect diversity in a thought.

21. True art always breaks the rules and never breaks the senses.

22. Creativity is the gift of life to emptiness, of light to darkness and of sense to madness.

23. Creativity is love of the unloved.

Photo credit: MUMM Explorer Experience with Olivier Bassil / SQUA.RE, Mike Horn and Alain Passard. Full story here.


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