Aspire to Inspire

1. Creativity is an exploration, and inspiration is the discoveries we make through it.

2. The moment we really need courage is when it is the tough and discreet option while cowardice is the easy and visible one.

3. There are no failures, only the wrong reactions to missed outputs.

4. Giving up is easy at first and increasingly difficult to live with, persistence is hard at first and increasingly easy to live by.

5. Persistence is effort made habit.

6. Take the time to bring out the best in everything so all you have to lose can only be worse.

7. Inspiration is the effort to look further, lack of it is the habit not to.

8. Leadership is living inspiration, art is living and spreading it, to be an artist one must be a leader.

9. Inspiration is simply looking at stars the way they deserve it.

10. Inspiration can happen night and day, at times looking with our eyes closed, at times it is dreaming with our eyes opened.

11. Without courage, there is no inspiration, inspiration is the courage to cross the ocean to see the next shore.

12. Inspiration is the voice that starts speaking to our heart when we have the courage to only do what is right.

13. Inspiration is falling in love with ideas.

14. You can only inspire others to do the things you truly aspire for.

15. Giving your smile to someone who needs it: this is where giving inspiration starts.

16. Doing the impossible can either be seen as an absurdity or as an inspiration.

17. Don’t regret your experiences, because they are everything we lived and they are the alternative to nothing else.

18. Success is a gift to the open mind.

19. The lessons to our success are the journey to our destination.

20. Embracing everyone truly is believing in serendipity, which is their reason for being there.

21. Inspiration is not what triggers action, commitment is and inspiration is their reward.

22. Intuition is a combination of the thousand paths we dreamt of.

23. Love as if you’ll leave tomorrow, commit as if you’ll be there forever.

24. Inspiration comes little by little, but if we believe every step, it can take us far beyond where we thought we could go.

Photo credit: MUMM Explorer Experience with Olivier Bassil / SQUA.RE, Mike Horn and Alain Passard. Full story here.


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