The Power of Doing

1. Achieving is finishing what doing has not explored yet.
2. We must all become great at translating our thoughts into actions.
3. Doing is always urgent, because not doing would be a waste of ourselves.
4. Waiting for the right time can also become not doing.
5. Fear develops in thoughts and goes away in actions.
6. Don’t worry about what people think, worry about what you make them feel.
7. Believing and acting are similar, they both need confidence.
8. It’s only once we act that our action’s true potential arises.
9. Do what will help the world change, and don’t do what will not.
10. There always is a way to dream bigger, it starts with taking action.
11. We own our actions, and we inherit their consequences.
12. Creativity is not a talent, it is a habit that can be yours the day you make it your own.
13. Where there is progress, there is infinite potential.
14. Words are tools and actions are their end goals.
15. Shoot, you may reach your goals, or you may just be lucky, but shoot.
16. The greatest feelings transform themselves into the most inspiring actions.
17. Man can judge actions, but only God can judge intentions.
18. Motion is nothing without the right action, emotions are nothing without the right thoughts.
19. Thoughts divide us, action unites us, dreams ignite us.
20. Nothing works without our mastery.
21. Everything was initially built by people who could not do it first.
22. Greatness is modest speech and exceptional action.
23. Action ends the worries theory begins.
24. Everyone plans to do great things but only great people act upon all things.

Photo credit: MUMM Explorer Experience with Olivier Bassil / SQUA.RE, Mike Horn and Alain Passard. Full story here.


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