On the Road to Joy

1. Spreading joy is multiplying it.

2. Joy is an exploration of good feelings.

3. Joy is the flower of good life’s seeds.

4. Building joy from others’ good fortune is our heart’s wealth.

5. Joy overcomes all possible griefs.

6. Joy is fitness of the heart.

7. On the same path, we bring either joy or sorrow.

8. Do what you love, so others can love it too.

9. Joy comes from proof of its reason to be: your potential.

10. Somewhere deep with your eyes closed, there is a path to your joy.

11. Joy is like cosmetics, it improves beauty.

12. Pleasure can be selfish, but genuine joy never is.

13. Before healing ourselves, we have to heal others, that is our human condition.

14. Pick a worthy destination, because the longer the journey, the longer the joy.

15. Happiness is drawn from reason, sometimes, while joy is drawn from our hearts, all the time.


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