Finding the Spirit of Beauty

We all are in the pursuit of beauty, through our work, our life and our actions, and this is the worthiest cause of all. Below is an attempt to find out how.

Beauty in our Natural Self

1. Beauty is the smile of nature.

2. The question is not “who are we to be so great” it is “who are we not to be great.”

3. Beauty is diversity completing itself in a compelling and powerful way.

The Pursuit of Beauty

4. Beauty is a good reason to exist.

5. Being in the pursuit of beauty will never be a lost cause.

6. Virtue is beauty of the soul, genius is beauty of the mind, love is beauty of the heart.

7. For everyone beauty is an inspiration, but for some beauty is an aspiration.

The Creation of Beauty

8. Virtue is the natural scent of beauty, vanity is its artificial perfume.

9. Inspiration is the zeal to go for the unknown.

10. Beauty consumed instantly is perennial, beauty found little by little is eternal.

11. Beauty holds no secrets, but a well-preserved secret can hold great beauty.

12. Beauty is the art of hope and surprise.


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