Love Thoughts

1. Everything is better with love.

2. If you fight enough for what you love, even time will help you have it.

3. Love can hurt, but to a much greater degree, love can heal.

4. Love is the good side of madness.

5. It is better not to be loved, than to be loved for who you are not.

6. What you love is a path to who you are.

7. Love is a four letter word that is often used, but rarely truly meant.

8. It is better to do small things with great love than big ones without.

9. Eyes, ears or lips can forget, but never hearts. Never forget a friend, never forget love.

10. Love is not who she is, it’s who I am with her, who we are together.

11. It is always better to lose your pride for love than to lose your love for pride.

12. Love is easy to talk about but much harder to act upon.


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