My One and Only

I saw a magnificent film last night: “My One and Only“. The film is an elegant 1950s road trip which centers on a woman (Renée Zellweger) who leaves her NYC home and husband along with her two sons, who also play a central role in the film. It transports us with genuine style in the 1950s on road 66 through such great cities as New York, Boston, Saint Louis and Los Angeles, where we will see one of the children discover his Hollywood potential. The story contains great illustrations of the mother’s entertaining notion of persistence and self respect in her struggle to maintain the high living standards her family maintained in NYC. And there are some great quotes by the heroine: “A lady should never do what anyone expects of her”;  “No matters what happens in our lives, there are standards we must maintain”; “A woman never appears more intelligent on men than when she’s listening to him” . It is a poignant story that looks up onto the inspiring strength of women for us men. And last but not least, the story is loosely based on the youth of a famous actor, whose name is in the Executive Producers list. I leave it to you to find that one out.


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